Bill and Jasper were a dream come true. They got married on their family farm and made it completely their own. They first saw each other in a field that was filled with small flowers that looked like Snow White would waltz. Jasper asked us if we would hike through waist high prairie grass to the spot where Bill proposed to her, and we said, ABSOLUTELY! She was a trooper doing that in her wedding dress, and it was perfect. Their ceremony was filled with candles and a unity ceremony with their new branding iron made the day that so unique! 

A day that may have been chilly and windy never really seemed to be. A&C were troopers on their wedding day. She walked through water soaked ground in heels and he lifted her up when she couldn't walk any more. A dress that made everyone's jaws drop and a love to echo that as well made for a glorious day. 

Thank you!